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6 Sexy ways to put a condom on

Here at Jojo’s we know that protection is a key element in sex, precaution and safety is something that should never be compromised. So, don’t be a joker; wrap your poker! We bring to you 6 sexy ways to put on a condom, a great way to have more fun in the bedroom whilst maintaining safe sex.

Look into his eyes! Jojo's Secret - 6 sexy ways to put on a condom.

Look into his eyes!

We want to make putting on a condom less of a mundane task, no longer will donning a raincoat be a passion killer… with our 6 sexy tips and methods you can try to add some experimentation and fun to the job at hand, quite literally!

If you need a hand with the basics (not literally) then pop over and see our guide, how to put a condom on.


Sexy Tip #1 – Guide him in using your hands

We all know that men need to be stimulated visually as well as physically. This method is great as it allows for both, while having some intimate bonding time together.

Lying on your back, hold the condom in front of your lady garden, with the pointy hat facing towards your body, as you ask him to move closer to you, cover the tip of his shaft with the condom. As you would do normally, pinch the tip of the rubber and using a firm grip, slide the rubber down the shaft head while asking him to thrust into your hand… inching him closer to your lady bits at the same time. Keeping your hand firmly on the condom, as he thrusts into your hand, the condom will roll all the way down the shaft. This act allows visual stimulation for you both, for extra intimacy, give him a cheeky look straight in the eyes as you do so. Give the rubber one final stroke down with your hand to ensure that it is on correctly, increasing the final satisfaction too.

Sexy Tip #2 – Use your mouth

We recommend that you lick it like a lolly pop… literally, until he is hard. Tear the packet open, if you can do it with your hands while you are using your mouth skills elsewhere. Don’t worry if you need to stop for a second… you need to make sure that your going to put the condom on right after all! Place the outside tip of the condom on the end of your tongue and roll it onto your tongue completely. Then place your mouth around his penis and push the condom down onto him with your lips and tongue. If you need any practice to avoid any awkward moments, practice on a dildo, and remember not to use your teeth!! For an extra little something, try using flavoured condoms.

Sexy Tip #3   Talk dirty to me

Never underestimate the power of being vocal during sex! Were not talking about screaming ‘O’s here, were talking just a gentle ‘I love it when you let me put the condom on your penis’. If you are feeling confident then unleash the filth and whip up some naughty sentences. This sort of initiative is HOT to a man… it shows your confidence in the bedroom and ability to ‘take hold’ of the situation at hand.

Sexy Tip #4 – Add a bit of laughter to the situation

Contrary to common belief, men hate the pout. Laughter is sexy and even sexier in the bedroom!

Taking things a little less serious in the bedroom can add a whole new dynamic to love making. Having the ability to laugh with your partner in the bedroom, it takes any awkward moments into a lighter light, brings you closer together and removes any feelings of embarrassment either of you may have had. Make a joke, laugh about it, pull a face and before you know it your back in pole position

Sexy Tip #5 – Blindfold him

What’s more sexy than playing a game of surprise? Playing surprise with a blindfold!

If you are in your own home, make sure that you know where the condoms are, if you are at your partners home, go and plant some in their room ready and prepare the scene. Ensure you are familiar with the environment and everything is to hand. Once foreplay has begun and you are whipping off your clothing, take a piece of it and gently blindfold your partner, let them know that you’ll be just a second while you prepare the condom, and then place the condom on while they are blindfolded. This is a great tip if you feel a bit awkward putting on a condom, they won’t be able to see your face! For an extra something maybe you could tie their arms up too!

Sexy Tip #6 – Add some lube

It isn’t well known but adding a small amount of lubricant inside and outside the condom can improve sex for both partners. To spice it up a little more, try using a tingling sensation lube or a warming heat lubricant. Holding the condom by the rim with one hand, place a couple of drops into the centre of the condom. Then place the condom over the penis and roll it down the shaft as you would do normally. As the lubricant trickles down south it will increase his sensations.

Let him enjoy the anticipation... using the 6 sexy ways to put on a condom.

Let him enjoy the anticipation…

More important than all the rest… Just cover your willy, silly!

Jojo x X x


International Fetish Day 2017

International Fetish Day supports the BDSM community (Bondage, Discipline (or Domination), Sadism & Masochism (a type of Sexual Practice).
International Fetish Day originated in the United Kingdom and is now celebrated worldwide, it is held on the third Friday in January and has been running for almost 10 years now!

Dress up and role play is a key attribute to BDSM

The object of IFD is to raise support and awareness for the fetish community, letting people know that it is not a world of extreme violence and punishment, that it is a controlled world of erotic fantasies, role-play and a place where people can also encourage other members of the community to be more open about their sexuality.
On a whole, BDSM is a variety of erotic practices involving dominance and submission, role-playing, restraint, and other interpersonal dynamics. All subjects we will touch upon over the next few weeks.

On National Fetish Day,  members of the community tend to wear an article of purple clothing to show signs to others that they are a member of the community.

Jojo’s Secret XxX

Jojo’s Secret A-Z of aphrodisiac foods and herbs to stiffen up any libido!

Welcome to our first blog, and boy is it a big one! We been busy combining some of our favourite foods from around the world, to get you hot and heated. Here at Jojo’s we think that January doesn’t have to be about the blues or the gym, why not arrange a sexy romp with your favourite foods and amp them up with some aphrodisiac foods from around the world.

A little bit of background. Aphrodisiacs have been around for centuries and were named after the Greek goddess of love, Aphrodite, they are food, drink or other substances known to stimulate sexual desire (libido). This is done by increasing blood flow, reducing stress or awaking your desire, sexuality & sexual attraction and by affecting your neurotransmitters. It is said that – The French King, Henry IV, drank a shot of cognac with egg yolk every morning to increase his “man powers.” Early Italians ate chili peppers, chocolate, caviar and oysters to increase potency of sperm. And, legends say famous French courtesan Madame du Barry provided ginger to all her lovers to increase their desire and improve their pleasure.

Almonds are a great place to start on our aphrodisiac journey. Indians, Arabs and Chinese have eaten almonds for centuries to increase their sexual powers awaken sexual desire, they have an added bonus of being super rich with vitamin B2, protein, vitamin E and calcium also high in beneficial fats & fibre.

Aloe, Aloe doctor! Aloe is known to activate pelvic blood circulation. It is said that a spoonful of Aloe with a spoon of honey (three times per day) is reported to activate your pelvic blood circulation and help you to perform sexually.

One for the girls! Ancient Greek and Roman civilizations believed aniseed strengthened female sexual arousal, with its sweet liquorice flavour.

It has been highly regarded by the French for many years, it is believed that Artichokes “warm up” the genitals as well as being highly packed with antioxidants that aid the blood flow to sensual regions.

Asparagus is highly regarded as a booster of sexual desire, it boosts blood flow to the sensual areas, is rich in vitamin A, phosphorus, calcium and potassium. We do think that its shape may be a contributing factor to its aphrodisiac properties. Avocados Some would say that the texture of the inside of the avocado feels so much like certain body parts that it is enough to get you going! Avocadoes have been recognised as an aphrodisiac extending back to ancient Aztec times. In fact, the Aztecs called the avocado tree “Ahuacuatl,” “testicle tree’. Not only are they a superfood, but they also have high Vitamin-E content which means this super sensuous super-food can boost the state of arousal and intensity orgasm. From eating to massaging Avocado into the skin, this little beauty has got you covered. Literally!

This one is not for its eating properties, this one is for ‘food play’. We recommend taking out some waterproof sheets and ‘buttering’ up your partner with a buttermilk shower and massage, it can be used cold from the can or gently warmed up. If your stull hungry lick it off or dip some fruit into the buttermilk. Do NOT under any circumstances heat it above or use it tepid temperatures or you will end up with a night too hot to handle, and for the wrong reasons!

The centre piece of many jokes concerning foods with phallus similarities, let us tell you that the banana is no joke to us. They are high in Vitamin B, potassium and natural sugars which increases stamina and sexual appetite. Traditional Indian medicine informs that bananas are classified as a ‘turn on’ food. They would take the banana and pour over some curry and butter, sprinkle with some nuts and enjoy.Basil
Surprisingly basil can excite your pallet and your love life, fresh basil can increase heart rate which in turn improves blood flow and can increase sexual desire. No wonder Italians are well known as hot lovers!

We know what you’re thinking, who eats celery, right?! Since beginning our quest to discover the best aphrodisiacs we now know better, celery should become man’s new best friend. It has high amounts of vitamin E, magnesium, potassium and zinc, it also contains something called arginine which is known to increase blood flow to sensual areas, resulting in stronger & longer erections and can make the woman more excited. It has also been proven to increase your semen volume for a real wet ride!

Chilli / Chilli Peppers
Many cultures throughout history have used peppers as an aphrodisiac, peppers contain capsaicin which heats up the body and increases blood flow. Internally they can cause sexual desire and release endorphins, externally they can give you temporary effects when eating, such as flushed skin and plumped up lips. Now we why we enjoy a Friday night curry…

Our favourite, chocolate has made it to our list. Chocolate contains phenylethylamine (PEA) and dopamine levels which are the same feel good hormones that the body produces during the stages of falling in love and are released during sex. Fancy some lusty foreplay or sexy food-play get your hands (our mouth) on, some chocolate lovers body paint for a fun time.

Considered by many cultures as one of the best aphrodisiacs, known to stimulate sexual desire and increase libido in women and to help with erections for men accumulate blood in the penis which aid erections. Yummy sprinkled on a frisky fruit bowl or added to a sultry smoothie.

A little mystic fact about Coriander, it was once banned in the South Americas because it stimulated the libido too much! Another excuse for a curry night, with a little something added to increase your sexual appetite…Coriander is it!

Dates are very high in natural sugars, because of this they have been known to give you enough energy for long passionate sex. Dunked in chocolate or sprinkled over some salad on a date night, there are many ways to enjoy this sticky little number.

Legends have it that Casanova ate them before every love adventure, eggs have been recognised as a sexual aid for many years due to their high protein content. We can only suggest that perhaps dripping eggnog over your partner or starting your day off with a portion of fried eggs or omelette for optimum health benefits.

Flower Pollen
Flower pollen has been known to be used by many athletes in the past for strength endurance and has been scientifically proven to enhance strength and endurance.

A little unexpected… Yet this little stinky treat can improve stamina and sexual energy and it regulates blood flow in your body, specifically in the pelvic area. Go get ‘em!

Another wonder herb known to spice things up by increasing circulation and body temperature. Steamy stir fries and steamy sessions, just sprinkle a little on-top!

Wow, Ginseng is an interesting and understated herb! It has been used to treat impotence and flaccidity as it leads to increase sexual potency by increasing blood supply to the penis. It also improves sexual desire, enhances sexual intercourse and can help to establish a more pleasurable sexual relationship.

Ladies Fingers (Okra)
Traditionally Indian’s have used Okra to rejuvenate, energise and to enhance sexual desire benefiting both him and her.

Maca is another mysterious herb known to be a very powerful aphrodisiac and has been scientifically proven to increase sexual desire. It is also said to boost energy, increase fertility and to remedy the lack of libido or sexual desire, improve sperm production.

Perhaps it’s arousing tendencies are mental placebo down to its huge similarities to the testicles or it is down to its fruit genetics, we can’t say for sure but we can say it’s worth the try.

Mushrooms are very high in zinc which is said to be a yummy source of sexual energy. Some would say that it the head of a mushroom looks like the head of a penis which might be enough to stimulate the brain into sexual thoughts.

Legend has it that Nutmeg is recognized as an aphrodisiac as far as early Hindu times and Latin Americans recognize it as a very powerful aphrodisiac. It is said that nutmeg has warming properties which stimulate sexual appetite and it can sweeten breath. So, we refer you back to the advice we gave you with the egg, add some nutmeg to your eggnog and drip away!

Olive oil
Food fads or another excuse to get the wet sheets out? It is said that the Greeks drink a sip of olive oil every morning not only to cleanse their stomachs but for it’s essential fatty acids to supply their body with nutrients and to strengthen the genitals.

Another stinky addition here so we don’t recommend using this one for food play, especially without washing your hands very carefully first as it may hurt! It is said that Europeans, Chinese and Eastern cultures regard the onion as a blood cleaner, stimulant, tonic, diuretic and surprisingly a sexual booster.

Oysters are one of the most commonly recognized aphrodisiacs, so there was no way we could write this article without including them. They are known to be packed with zinc and amino acids that help the body produce hormones in the body which heighten attraction. They are also hugely sensual to watch your partner slice down one of these slimy suckers.

Known around the world to enhance sexual desire, yummy sprinkled on salad, blended in a smooth succulent smoothie or sprinkled on oyster’s you may just boot your bedroom antics.

Pine Nuts
It’s more of these things we call nuts, it must be something in the name…. It has been told since the middle ages that pine nuts have been a great source for providing men with increased sexual stamina. Pine nuts are a core ingredient in pesto, so get smoothing those nuts onto your dinner!

It is believed that pistachios can arouse you and refresh libido. Yummy combined with some pure honey to give yourself some more energy for between the sheets and to reignite your libido!

Pomegranates are another item reported to improve blood flow and increase genital sensitivity in both men and women!

Sea vegetables
Sexy sea vegetables are said to contain copious amounts manganese, selenium and iodine which are all said to enhance mood and metabolism and are high in vitamins B1 and B2, which aid in production of sex hormones. Maybe that’s why Ariel was ‘under the sea’.

Red wine
Do you know why you get rosy cheeks when you drink red wine? Well now you do, it is because red wine has properties that increase blood flow. Drinking alcohol also helps you to relax and can lower your inhibitions which can be a great assistance if you want to try new things or are a little shy! However, you must make sure you only drink if you’re over the legal age and recommend that you only drink within moderation to recommended alcohol limits in your country.

A contributing reason to the phrase ‘Italian Stallion’? It has been said that tomatoes can aid sexual performance, calm pre-sex nerves and improve muscle control! They are lusciously seductive with lips biting down on a juicy tomato, and if they spit juice… get your tongue out and clean it up off your partner.

Tongkat Ali Extract
This one us just for the boys! Tongkat Ali is a Southeast Asian herb that has been proven to help boost sexual potency throughout history as one of the most powerful natural aphrodisiacs known to man. It has been scientifically proven that it increases athletic performance, well-being, testosterone levels, sperm count, sperm quality, ejaculatory power, and has even been known to enlarge the male sex organs (the results were only small, but either way, we think that is quite amazing).

Vanilla is known to enhance sexual sensations and is a nerve stimulant. Now we know why so many masseurs use vanilla when massaging, this may be a perfect excuse to turn a standard massage into a naughty little number for the 2 of you.

Watermelon is known to relax & open up blood vessels, speed up circulation which may aid in increasing the state of arousal.

Wild Yam
Wild Yam (Dioscorea Villosa) is known to soften the vagina and allow better penetration. “Beat the pulp of the fruit, add a little Vaseline or lubricant and spread inside the vagina” ( You can purchase Wild Yam in its liquid form if it is not available in your country.

Our Conclusion

Before we finish we can’t end this article without informing you of one last addition that sadly didn’t make it to our list…Spanish Fly. It is the most legendary of all the aphrodisiacs but it also the most lethal! It is an extract from dried beetle dung which reports say that it causes a rush of blood to the genital area. The lethal side is that it has caused throat burns, mouth burns, urinary infections and in a few cases, has resulted in death! We do not recommend trying Spanish fly… No pleasure is worth that amount of pain or risk!

Through our research, we have concluded that not all aphrodisiacs will work like magic for your sex life, same as most are not an instant magical cure (although some effects can be very pronounced), but, we can guarantee that you will have fun trying them out just as many cultures have done so during history. So, whether you are whipping up a sultry number for your partner or trying to get those juices flowing these aphrodisiacs won’t leave you high and dry. The main thing is that you will be contributing to a healthier body & mind and on your way to a new you, all be it probably a kinkier one! And, if your still sick of the sight of food we recommend missing up some essential oils to relieve tension, relax muscles and increase sexual desire. Who said food was there just to eat?? Not us, that’s for sure!


Jojo’s Secret xXx