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Frisky Friday – Week 2 – Sex Position of the Week

It’s Frisky Friday!

Got 5 minutes to spare and you want to sex up your exercise routine, Kylie Minogue and her video Sexercise offers an array of tips dancing on her exercise ball!https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j3VjJKKVNew

Onto our second position of the week, for frisky Friday.

Reverse Cowgirl / Ease In Backwards

WHAT: Reverse Cowgirl / Ease in Backwards!

LEVEL: Moderate

The penetrating partner lies on their back with their legs stretched out. The Receiving partner kneels next to them, then turns and spreads their legs, straddling the penetrators hips and facing their  feet. Kneeling they lower themselves onto your penis or strap on and begin to ride you. If you want deeper penetration, have the receiver lean forwards or backwards to change the position.
Using this position is great if the penetrating partner wants to relax and take a prime view of the receivers rump!

This position leaves ample opportunity for the one being penetrated to guide the penetrator exactly where they wish.  If a woman is on-top then it also leaves her arms free so that she can stimulate herself!

Couples, Man/Woman, Woman/Woman, Man/Man

Sex should be fun, don’t be afraid to try something new and if it doesn’t work, have a laugh, brush it off and try something else.
Stay safe, stay sexy and most importantly stay safe!

Jojo’s Secret xXx