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Sex Position of the week no 3 – Pearl Diving – Oral Sex

It’s Frisky Friday, time for Sex Position of the week no 3 – Pearl Diving – this time we focus on Oral Sex !

Who needs Sex, we do?


This us one we call Peal Diving. (Image borrowed from SexPositions.club)

WHAT: Pearl Diving / Oral Sex for the female

LEVEL: Moderate

The receiving partner stands tall, with their back pressed against a wall. They hold their hands above their head, holding their hands together with the palms to make sure that they cannot  touch you in return or touch anything else for that matter.
With their legs firmly straight, the receiver set their legs shoulder width apart, allowing room for the giver to sit between their legs in the lotus position. This position places the givers head level with the clitoris and vagina, ready to go ‘Pearl Diving’ and frees their hands to touch her buttock and stroke the thigh.
Using this position is great for making your partner want more, a great pre sex warm up.

This position is superb for tying the receiver up, if your venturing into BDSM then this is key and can be used as a ‘punishment’. One sure way to stop your partner from moving is to tie their hands up to really stop them from moving them.
Pearl Diving also leaves ample opportunity if you want to try something new and add sex toys or you are venturing into the BDSM community, pop in store and see out Fifty Shades Darker Principles of Lust Couples Kit.

Couples, Man/Woman, Woman/Woman,

Sex should be fun, don’t be afraid to try something new and if it doesn’t work, have a laugh, brush it off and try something else.
Stay safe, stay sexy and most importantly stay safe!

Jojo’s Secret xXx