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Frisky Friday – Week 1 – Sex Position of the Week

It’s Friday and the beginning of your weekend, don’t let this be you!

We are bringing you a series of blogs, one each week with a new sex position to try over the weekend and to get yourself some sexercise. Some will be your standard, some not so and some very adventurous. .. It’s Frisky Friday!

Not only is sex good for the body and gives you sexual gratification, it also increases blood flow, ups the heart rate and offers a form of exercise. Some say you can loose 100-300 calories per session!

Supported Arch

WHAT: The Supported Arch!

Level: Moderate
The Supported Arch requires the subject on the bottom, to have a fair amount of upper body strength if you wish to stay in this position for a reasonable amount of time.

The penetrating partner is on their knees, place the receiving partner between the penetrating partners legs.
Using their arms only for support, the receiving partner lifts their body up.  You need to be strong for this!
Using this position you will not only receive a great work out, you will also receive a deeper ride!

WHO FOR: Couples, Man/Woman, Woman/Woman, Man/Man

Sex should be fun, don’t be afraid to try something new and if it doesn’t work, have a laugh, brush it off and try something else.
Stay safe, stay sexy and most importantly stay safe!

Jojo’s Secret xXx