3 tricks to play AQ when it hits the flop!

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1. When There Is A Position Always Give Bets For Value

Whether It’s A Simple Pot Situation Or A 3-Bet Pot, If You Land Q Or A And Have A Position. Don’t Slow Play At All!

2. When The Top Pair Is Attached, There Is No Position. Play Carefully

No Position Time We Should Keep The Pot Small. Because There Are Many More Turns And Rivers. That Will Make Our Top Pairs Worthless And Will Also Make It Difficult For Us To Crouch So That The Pot Is Already Big

3. Attach The Top Pair In Multiway Pots, Be Careful!

By Placing A Top Pair In Multiway Pots, You Can Still Bet On The Flop. But When The Turn Is A Hand That Is Somewhat Linked To The Flop Or A Dangerous Card You Should Know When To Tighten Your Belt And Play More Cautiously.

3 tricks to play AQ when it hits the flop!

How Ace-Ten Suited plays preflop!

Unopened Pot

You Can Race The A10s In Any Position. Because It Is Considered A Very Good Card That Can Win In Many Ways

In The UFABET Case Of An Open Race

A10s Are Able To Do Both 3-Bets And Calls Depending On The Player Type And Position. But Be Very Careful If You Come Across An Early Position In An Open Race.

In Case Of Hitting 3-Bet

This One Doesn’t Have A Correct Answer. You Can Make A Call, 4-Bet Or Fold. This Depends On Where Your Opponent 3-Bets You And How Often They 3-Bet.

In Case Of Hitting 4-Bet 

Squat In Every Situation!