4 tips for beginners playing tournaments

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1. Fight For The Ante

In That Tournaments The Pot In The Middle Will Have The Ante Involved, Making The Pot Bigger In Cache Games. Therefore, Making The Steel Pot In The Middle Will Be Very Worthwhile. So We Should Race Cards Wider In Every Position.

2. Be Careful When Going Further After Defending The Big Blind.

Normally, When Playing In The Big Blind Position, We Have To Defend A Wide Hand. But We Should Be Very Careful Playing On The Flop. Because Even If We Are Stuck Like The Smallest Pair In The Flop But There Is A Chance That The Opponent Will Continue To Press And Embarrass Us.

4 tips for beginners playing tournaments

3. Adjust The Preflop Range When Stacks Start To Decrease.

Avoid Playing Low Pairs When The Stack Is Less Than 30 Big Blinds Because Your Left Stack Is Not Worth Sticking With And Try To 3-Bet More With Western Cards Such As AJ, KQ Because Of The Doubles. This Time The Stack Is Low. Easy To Go All The UFABET Way With Top Pair.

4. Adjust The Bubble Play According To Your Stacks.

Bubble Period Is The Period That Is Close To Getting Money. You Should Adjust Your Play According To The Stacks You Have, Such As When The Stacks Are Low. Should Be Played As Carefully As Possible In Order To Wait For The Money First Or If There Is A Lot Of Stacks Should Play Pressure On Those Who Stack Less. Because They Are Afraid That They Will Fall In The Bubble And Not Get The Prize Money.