A secret that no one ever told!!! 1 deck of cards, what does each card mean!?

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A Deck Of Cards Contains 52 Cards, Which Means 1 Year Because 1 Year Has 52 Weeks.

Sum Of Points On The Face Of All 52 Cards, It Equals 364 Points.

Where Jack = 11, Queen = 12, King = 13

In Which The First Joker Card Represents 1 Point, Totaling 365 Points, Which Is Equal To The Number Of Days In 1 Year, While The Second Joker Represents A Leap Year. There Are 29 Days In February And 366 Days In The Year. A Deck Consists Of 26 Red Cards And 26 Black Cards.

Which Means The World Is Divided Into Two Parts, The Part That Receives The Sun’s Rays. And The Part That Is Not Exposed To Sunlight

The Red Cards Represent The Eastern World And The Black Cards Represent The Western World.

A secret that no one ever told!!! 1 deck of cards, what does each card mean!?

The Meaning Of Western Cards

The Jack, Queen And King Cards Represent Human Nature.

Where Jack Means Young Man

Queen Refers To A Young Woman.

King Means An Elderly Man.

Meaning Of Flowers

Club Flowers, Diamonds, Red Hearts, Black Hearts Represent 4 Important Things In One’s Life.

The Flower Symbolizes Knowledge.

Diamonds Mean Money, Wealth.

Red Heart Means Love

Spades Mean Death.

The Meaning Of Western Cards Mixed With Card Flowers

Club Jack Will Turn His Back To UFABET Club.

As For The King, Clubs Will Turn To The Side.

That Means That In Childhood They Are Not Very Fond Of Learning. But Would Like To Play More. But When He Grew Up, He Turned To Focus. In Acquiring More Knowledge

Diamond Jack Turns Side To Diamond.

As For The Diamond King, He Will Stare Directly At The Diamond.
Which Means People When They Are Young Are Not Interested In Accumulating Wealth And Saving Money. Is Still Spending Money As You Wish Find A Lot, Use A Lot But When I Get Older, I Start To Know How To Plan My Money. Due To More Responsibility

Jack Of Hearts Will Turn His Head To Look At Hearts.

The King Will Look Sideways.

I Mean, When We Were Young Will Be Interested In Matters Of Affection, Especially When Older. This Interest Will Be Less, But To Pay Attention. In Other Matters, Such As Job Duties Or Money

Spades Are The Only Ones Where Jack, Queen And King Have All Turned Their Backs. Comparable To People That Whether It Is A Woman Or A Man, Both Old And Young None Of Them Wanted To Die. They’re Afraid Of Death, Too.