Gordon skipped training on the second day, pressured ‘Toffee’ to release

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Anthony Gordon, young center forward Still not showing up at Everton’s Finch Farm training ground for the second day. The agency itself is still unable to clarify the reason for the lack of practice. made a rumor that The player wants to move to Newcastle United.

Sky Sports,  a well-known media outlet, reported that Anthony Gordon, a young English striker. Still not coming to practice with Everton, the agency in the Premier League for the second day. without revealing the cause amid news reports that Want the UFABET club to let them move to join the army Newcastle United during the second round of the transfer market in January.

Gordon skipped training on the second day, pressured 'Toffee' to release

The 21-year-old is a target for the Magpies as a replacement for Chris Wood, who joined Nottingham Forest  last week. And the players are eager to work with Eddie Howe, a good trainer. Because I believe will be able to develop his pace even more under the management of this head coach

It is understood Gordon wants to be allowed to speak to Newcastle. Just as he wanted to go to Chelsea in the summer. But the Toffees United have opted to withhold their decision. Until they are clear about their new manager’s situation following the recent sacking of Frank Lampard. That’s why the players choose to use pressure by not coming to training.

Newcastle hope to complete the deal at £25m, or around £1,025m, plus £15m in bonuses, or around £615m. However, the Merseyside club reportedly want around £60m. pounds, or about 2,460 million baht. Making it still inconclusive While the time of the second market is less than a week.

The contract of the Roaring Lion Center, the model under the age of 21, has 18 months remaining. But believes that the person is unlikely to stay until the end of the contract. Because there are many famous teams looking to grab and would not want to miss like last summer again This resulted in protests not to practice at the Finch Farm,  although fans were disappointed by the behavior.