Keane praises two ghost players after Manchester United thrashed Forest in the first leg of the Bow Cup semi-finals

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Former Manchester United captain Roy Keane has praised the Red Devils’ duo. After the first leg of the Carabao Cup semi-final, his former side beat Nottingham Forest 3-0 last night.

 Roy Keane has praised Lisandro Martinez for his ‘character and determination’, including new striker Vout Wakehorst,  in Manchester ‘s Carabao Cup clash . Manchester United beat Nottingham Forest  3-0 at the City Ground last night. The Red Devils receiving goals from Marcus Rashford, Waggh. Borst and Bruno Fernandes, but even if they didn’t score a goal. The host Forest also looked intimidating throughout the match. But the defensive line of the visiting team was able to cope with the home striker impressively, with Martinez having another outstanding performance.

Keane praises two ghost players after Manchester United thrashed Forest in the first leg of the Bow Cup semi-finals

       The Argentinian world champion followed Erik ten Hag from Ajax to Old Trafford in the summer. He was initially criticized for being too impatient and too short to play in the Premier League, but he has proven himself to those who doubted him they were wrong . ‘ The Manchester United legend also praised his impact at the UFABET club . “He [Martinez] is proud of his defense. He wants to defend,” the former United midfielder told Sky Sports. “You see his character and determination. He is someone you want to be with in difficult situations.  From the point of view of the defender They will be delighted with the clean sheet.

          Keane also praised striker Wakehorst after the Dutchman scored in the game. By a spearhead borrowed from Burnley, the Red Devils took a 2-0 lead in the 45th minute from the moment Anthony Beating the first stroke, saving the ball, coming into Wake Horst over and over again, which Roy Keane told Sky Sports during halftime that “It was a great finish. Look at his [Wakehorst] reaction.” “People criticized him for coming to the club. But that’s why he was brought to the club. An important goal for Manchester United.”

           After the game , Keane also defended his former team’s signing Wakehorst, adding: “Manchester United need to bring someone in. The manager made it clear that there was no money to buy players. They lost Ronaldo There are question marks about Anthony’s fitness. Martial… So I could understand why they would bet on him. I don’t think he’s going to score that many goals. But if he scores such an unexpected important goal then he can help Marcus. He is a national team player. The perception about him is that he has a problem in a Burnley side that have had a difficult season. People tend to judge him for that. give him a chance He scored an important goal for Man Utd. united tonight Good luck to him.”

           “His lack of speed could be a problem when Man Utd United tried to play counterattack. But they need to play to their strengths. He connects well, scores well, there’s a reason he came on loan. because he was clearly not a top-level player But the important thing is that the manager knows him well. You want that character in your dressing room.