Stop arguing. Summarize in one post. Sports poker or gambling?

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Stop arguing. Summarize in one post. Sports poker or gambling?

10 Robbery, 10 Houses Left, 10 House Fires, 1 Land Left, Gamble Once, Nothing Left” Is A Classic poker Saying That Has Been With Thai People For A Long Time. And It Is Undeniable That It Is A Fact That Will Never Change In Every Era

Whether It’s Pok Deng, Kao Gae Or Som Sip, It’s Based On The Thai People. What Games Are Playing Cards Involved? Will Be Seen As Gambling First And “Poker” Is No Different

Poker Is A Kind Of UFABET Game. That Uses Cards And Money As A Medium Of Play, No Dealer, Players Measure Directly With Players The Rules Of Play Are Rough. Each Player Is Dealt 2 Cards Each, With 5 Cards In The Middle Of The Board. Players Must Use The 2 Cards In Their Hand Plus The 5 In The Middle To Get The Biggest 5. In Which The Real Play Will Have A Period For Players To Place Bets For Many Rounds. Who Can’t Fight, Must Fold

In The End, The Player With The Biggest Card Wins. Or You Can Win By Placing Pressure To Make Your Opponent Fold. Causing In This Game, The Person Who Has The Better Card Is Not Always The Winning Side. But Someone Who Has A Sharp Card-Reading Psychology Have A Plan Ahead Including Understanding The Mathematics Of The Game Very Well Will Be The Winner

For This Reason, Many Countries Such As France, Canada, And The United States Recognize That Poker Is Legal And Consider It A Sport. Including A Serious Competition Winning Huge Prize Money This Has Caused Many Professional Poker Players To Become Rich From This Profession. Which Some Players Should Be Familiar With Thai People Like Tom Dwan, Phil Ivey Or Even Daniel Negreanu

It Doesn’t Look Like Football Or Basketball At All. The Oxford Dictionary Defines Sport As “Any Activity That Uses Physical Force And Skill Either In Individual Or Team Format. To Compete Or For Entertainment”

Let’s Look At Poker In A Sports Perspective. According To The Oxford Dictionary
1) Poker Requires Skill? This Is Definitely Without Skill, Don’t Expect To Win.
2) Is Poker Played Solo Or In Teams? Absolutely Yes, Because There Are Some Tournaments That Will Be Played As Teams.
3) Poker Is Played Competitively. Or For Entertainment? Yes, And Definitely Viewed As A Sport Because
People Play Poker To Compete For Prizes. And The Audience Was Entertained At The Same Time
4) Does Poker Require Physical Force To Play? This Is The Question Most People Suspect That Poker Doesn’t Require Physical Exertion Like Basketball Or Football. How Can You Call It A Sport!?

The Answer To This Question Is Not Difficult To Explain. If You’ve Been Playing Poker For A Long Time. You Know It Takes Effort, Alertness, Fitness, And Staying Fit

Take, For Example, The WSOP, The Biggest Poker Tournament In The World. If You Keep Winning You May Have To Play Up To 7 Days In A Row And Not Less Than 8 Hours Per Day. It Can Be Said That If You Are Not Physically And Mentally Prepared. You Can Never Win. This Is The Reason Why Professional Poker Players Keep Exercising Regularly

Poker Can Be Considered A Sport. Because There Is No Type Of Gambling Where Players Can Compete Against Each Other. In Addition To Poker, All Types Of Gambling Are Played Against The Dealer. Which In The Long Run, Of Course, No One Can Beat The Dealer

But The Truth Is Regardless Of How Poker Is Viewed The Most Important Thing Is How You Treat It. If You Play Professionally Know How To Develop Regularly It Is Also Known As Sport Or Investment For You But If You Play It Day By Day, Do Not Keep Studying And Developing Skills. It Wouldn’t Be Strange If You Would Go Bankrupt And Blame It On Gambling.