Too expensive! ‘South Tiger’ does not fight for ‘Rice’, sends ‘gun’ Teng Xiu to join the army

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Bayern Munich have agreed to step back from West Ham United captain Declan Rice. Despite being a favorite of Thomas Tuchel, the German boss. Indicates that the price is extremely expensive and the players want to move to Arsenal more.

Sky Sport Germany, a famous media outlet in Sausage, confirms that Bayern Munich giants in the German Bundesliga battle have ended their interest in  West Ham United midfielder Declan Rice . The player’s body is too expensive. Which is expected to cost up to 100 million pounds or about 4,342 million baht, resulting in Arsenal becoming a candidate to strengthen the army this ยูฟ่าเบท summer.

Too expensive! 'South Tiger' does not fight for 'Rice', sends 'gun' Teng Xiu to join the army

Tiger Tiger wants to sign a contract with defensive midfielder. To strengthen the battle for the next season by Thomas Tuchel, the Bavarian team manager likes this 24-year-old star very much. Because he had seen the work since the time. He was still in charge of Chelsea. But stuck in that The players still want to play in London. Therefore, the news became more interested in artillery.

Recently, Florian Plettenberg, a famous journalist in the beer city of Sky Sports, tweeted that ” Bayern Munich decided today not to make an offer to buy Declan Rice . from West Ham United has been a clear news stream for several days. Because the price of Rice is too expensive “

Aside from Bayern and Arsenal, Manchester United are also among the clubs that have been linked with, with Scottish manager David Moyes having just won the Europa Con. The French League came recently, believing that the captain of the elite team. The rest of the contract for 1 year plus another 1 year option is very important to the team. And if it needs to be sold, he will be worth 150 million pounds or about 6,513 million baht.

In fact,  The Hammer already knew that. Probably wouldn’t be able to sell players out at such an expensive price. But they will push the right price when negotiations begin, with Arsenal ready to make an initial offer of 90 million pounds, or about 3,780 million baht, possibly including add-ons to reach 100 million. pounds, which is a price that West Ham would be happy with.